Agreed voluntary code of conduct and behaviour standards

This code of conduct and behaviour standards are for personal trainers, group fitness instructors and sporting clubs using the Geelong Waterfront public open space.

We support health and wellness in the community, and have a desire to continue to allow fitness groups to use the waterfront without the need for regulation or licence. 

Operating a group fitness activity, personal training or an organised sports session does not give the organiser or participants an exclusive right of use over public open space. The general public have first right to use paths, grassed areas, steps, furniture, pools, playgrounds and urban furniture for it’s purpose and feel safe, comfortable and not intimidated whilst doing so.

In October 2015, Officers from the City of Greater Geelong met with personal trainers and group fitness instructors, known to utilise the public open space along the Geelong waterfront. This meeting was in response to a proliferation of organised personal training, fitness and sporting groups using the waterfront and consequential concerns raised by the general public also using the space. The objective of the meeting was to discuss and develop a set of standards and behaviours for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, sporting clubs and their clients, to allow safe, fair and respectful sharing of the waterfront.

The following was agreed by all parties at the meeting as a voluntary Code of Conduct and Behavioural Standards which would be adopted.

Personal trainers and group fitness instructors using public areas on the waterfront must comply with the following permit conditions:

  1. Limit group participants to 20. This is to minimise domination of public space and to allow for reasonable public access. (Two groups of 20 operating within close proximity under the same management will be considered one group of 40 and therefore unacceptable).

  2. Ensure that noise from sources such as whistles, voice, music, boxing equipment and participants generally is to be kept to a minimum in consideration of residents, businesses, their customers and the general public;

  3. Ensure that all public assets such as trees, grass, park furniture, signs, lights, etc are not used as anchor points for attachments or subjected to use that will damage them in any way and that the Carousel remains clear of all activity.

  4. Pathways and stairs remain clear for the use of the general public.

  5. Exercise care when using weights and heavy objects so as not to compact soil, damage grass, paving or underground services;

  6. Not park vehicles within Eastern Beach Reserve at any time, on any grass areas throughout the waterfront or in areas that are signed No Stopping or No Parking;

  7. Not place or allow any advertising of their business on site such as signs and banners;

  8. Not operate any activity in Customs Park between the hours of 7:00pm and 10:00am due to the enclosed nature of the space and adjacent residential populations;

  9. Not allow any running around the Eastern Beach Promenade due to limited width and public use;

  10. Keep clear of maintenance staff who have limited flexibility in operating times for certain tasks;

  11. Agree to comply with the following adopted standards:

    • Hold a current registration with a relevant fitness industry organisation such as Fitness Australia. (Membership of a professional body ensures insurances and accreditations);

    • Hold Level Two first aid and current CPR certification;

    • Hold Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance;

  12. No access is available to personal trainers in areas where event organisers are bumping in or bumping out event sites

  13. Prior to commencing any activity on Council land a site inspection is to be carried to ensure that the area is clean, safe from any personal hazards and in an appropriately safe condition for the proposed activities being carried out. In the event of any site inspection revealing any hazard or any unsafe material such issues will be reported to Council immediately and the area be deemed unsafe.

These guidelines can be discussed with the following Council Officers:

Sue Arnold 03 5272 5029 [email protected]
Andrew Ross 03 5272 4835 [email protected]

Page last updated: Monday, 5 October 2020