Central Geelong Waterfront Masterplan 2011

Our municipality encompasses rural, coastal and urban communities. Our aim is to promote prosperous and cohesive communities throughout the municipality that offer a range of exceptional environments.

We will continue to develop Geelong as an international waterfront city that boasts first class facilities and caters for a wide range of events and activities. By strengthening our unique urban identity, promoting sustainable growth and further improvements to the public realm, Council aims to reinforce Geelong and its waterfront as a highly desirable destination.

The waterfront lies in the heart of the city on Corio Bay. From 1996 to 2000, in conjunction with the State Government, over $30million was invested in the redevelopment of the area, positioning Waterfront Geelong as a premier waterfront location. This environment is maintained at a consistently higher level than is generally found in other parts of the city in recognition of its status as Geelong's premier visitor location. Continuous improvement is essential to retain the popularity of Waterfront Geelong.

This document updates the Waterfront Geelong Design and Development Code 1996 (the Code), prepared by Keys Young in conjunction with Urban Initiatives and the City of Greater Geelong.

Page last updated: Monday, 4 March 2019