Highton Village Urban Design Framework

This engagement is complete

Date: Thursday, 6 October 2016 to Wednesday, 30 November 2016


The City is preparing an Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the Highton Village.

To help prepare the Plan the City has formed a Design Team who are experts in urban design, landscape architecture, town planning and traffic engineering.

Why does Highton Village need a UDF? 

The Village is thriving; the great businesses, the lovely garden character and unique shopping and dining experiences attract customers from far and wide. With this success brings challenges and opportunities for improvements.

It has been many years since the streetscapes in Highton Village were upgraded and many of the assets are looking tried. Parking and access can be difficult at times. The design of the infrastructure gives preference to cars over walkers and cyclists and this can be unsafe.

The UDF will include:

  • A community vision for the future Highton Village
  • An overall urban framework plan to guide future investment and developments
  • Concept design of future streetscape upgrade works
  • Access and movement plan for vehicles, walkers and cyclists
  • Staged and costed implementation plan
  • Design guidelines for new developments within and around the centre to enhance the village character

Key findings

The consistent themes that were identified from the recording of the discussion and written comments received are:

Parking was the most frequently mentioned topic. More is needed - this could be provided within the Reserve, southern part of Bell Vue Avenue in the drainage reserve or in a multi deck car park. There is a need to encourage workers to park out of the centre to free up spaces for shoppers. Angle parking in the shopping area of Belle Vue will impact on traffic flow and safety.

Traffic improvements to Barrabool Road traffic signals to improve traffic flow is supported. Need to consider where right hand turns are appropriate within the Village centre to improve traffic flow and safety. Removing or altering the non-roundabout roundabout is necessary to improve safety.

Rear laneway behind Woolworths should be closed or the appearance improved. Support from many participants to relocate the Woolworths loading bay and create an alternative access road between Barrabool Road and Roslyn Road.

Safety of walkers and cyclists is very important and needs improvement.  

Residential apartments in the centre will impact on the Village character.  

Council car park site for redevelopment as small retail shops on the and multi-deck car park behind is supported by many participants.

Public spaces, play areas, meeting spaces and spaces for young people are limited and should be increased. The library service should be retained but not necessarily in the existing building.

Central median space in Belle Vue Avenue should be better utilised. Alfresco dining and after hour trading should be encouraged. Pop-up activities such as retail, events, markets and food trucks to create activity in public spaces are an opportunity for the Village.

Uniformed pavement surface and removal of tripping hazards was strongly supported. Warm and natural materials should be used for pavements. 

Village Walk pedestrian areas should be upgraded. A covered walkway was a popular suggestion.

Lighting upgrades for functional and decorative purposes are needed.  Seating, bins, toilets and water fountains should be expanded and upgraded.

Trees and greenery are important to the existing character and should be retained and enhanced.

Public art and local history references in the streetscape upgrades are important.