Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Project Masterplan

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Date: Wednesday, 13 March 2019 to Friday, 5 April 2019

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC) has prepared a Masterplan for the Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Project. Council is seeking public comment before it considers approval of the Masterplan.

What is the Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Project?

The project involves the redevelopment of the yacht club, the marina and the adjacent public areas. The project is being supported by funding from the City of Greater Geelong, Victorian and Commonwealth Governments, and the Royal Geelong Yacht Club.

Key features of this project include:

  • A 400m long floating wave attenuator with public promenading access to the first 240m.
  • Expanded Royal Geelong Yacht Club marina with additional floating berths.
  • New Maritime & Education centre to replace the existing Victorian Sailing School and Club Off the Beach Building.
  • New Royal Geelong yacht Club Clubhouse building.
  • New Public Realm improvements featuring community access up and over buildings.

What is a Masterplan?

A Masterplan provides a high level vision that will guide the future planning and development within a particular area.

In this instance, any approval by Council of the Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Project Masterplan will form the basis of a request to amend the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme, which will then inform all subsequent detailed designs, plans, drawings, and other technical aspects of the project.

How will my comments be used?

All comments and feedback will be considered in a report that is intended to go to Council in May 2019.

All comments and feedback will be taken into account when Council makes its decision on whether to endorse the Masterplan.

What are the next steps?

Following any decision by the Council to endorse the Masterplan in May 2019, a request will need to be made to the Minister for Planning to amend the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme.

Once an amendment to the planning scheme has been approved by the Minister, the City, and other agencies, will be able to consider more detailed design documentation,including detailed drawings, plans, and other technical aspects of the project.

Will there be further opportunities to provide comments on this project?

If you would like to make any comments on the project, it is highly  recommended that you do so now as part of the consideration of the Masterplan.

While further detailed design documentation will need to be considered by the City and other agencies in due course, it is unlikely that these aspects of the project will be open to public comment.

How long do I have to provide comments?

The closing date for public comments will be 5pm Friday 5 April 2019.