Former Geelong Post Office
Former Geelong Post Office

Future of the Former Geelong Post Office

This engagement is closed

Contributions to this engagement have closed for evaluation and review.

Date: Friday, 10 May 2019 to Monday, 10 June 2019

The former Geelong Post Office, operated as Geelong’s main post office from 1891 until 1994.  Since then, it has been used as office space for a variety of tenants.  It is no longer used to deliver any City services and the building has now been vacant for over 12 months.

Council resolved the following on 9 April 2019:

That Council:

9.1        Recognise the City’s efforts in commissioning a Conservation Management Plan, ensuring extensive research has been undertaken and analysis of the heritage significance of the property has been undertaken;
9.2        Endorse the Conservation Management Plan: Lovell Chen (February 2019), its recommendations and policies;
9.3        Taking into account the new Conservation Management Plan, request the CEO to consider various options for the use and ownership of the Former Post Office including:
9.3.1     Sale, including tender and expression of interest processes;
9.3.2     public private partnership
9.3.3     opportunity for fundraising including philanthropy and State and Commonwealth grants
9.3.4     Call for public submissions for sustainable solutions that support the cultural and civic precinct ; and
9.4        Request the CEO to report back to Council by 9 July 2019 on the options in 9.3 above.

This process is aimed at addressing section 9.3.4 of the resolution.

View the Conservation Management Plan to help guide you with the history of the Post Office and the Historically significant components of the building.  The Arts and Culture Masterplan is attached or can be viewed here. This plans for the integrated design outcome for facilities within the cultural precinct.

The City is now looking for alternative use and ownership for the site, and is calling for public submissions to put forward ideas and a basic business proposal including how the new use will add to the cultural and civic precinct while remaining financially viable.

The City does not currently have any plans to invest in this building itself, therefore we encourage all plans to provide alternative funding models. 

Within your submission please detail:

  • your proposed use of the building;
  • how this will be financially sustainable long-term;
  • the ownership model;
  • the proposed funding model to bring the building up to standard to deliver your proposed use;
  • how your proposal adds to the cultural and civic precinct;
  • demonstrating how this aligns to a clever and creative vision for the city; and
  • any other comment.

Submissions can be submitted online below and must be received by 10 June 2019.