Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy - Vision, principles and objectives

Our strategy specifies our vision, principles and objectives.


We will reduce Council’s emissions and support others to adopt and achieve a One Planet Living zero emissions goal


  • Demonstrate leadership in Council emissions reductions

  • Prioritise actions that have a strong economic and emissions reduction benefit

  • Build on local and regional community emissions reduction partnerships to address business and residential sectors emissions

  • Support economic and jobs growth in the Greater Geelong region


  • To achieve Council’s adopted target: 50% emissions reduction based on 2014/15 levels by 2020

  • Support community sector emissions reductions


Where Council has a full role or direct responsibility for an aspect of emissions reduction, Council will choose to either:

  • Provide leadership in its own emission reduction activities; and/or

  • Provide services to support the community and businesses to reduce their emissions While Council is not directly responsible for community emissions, it recognises that it can play a key role in enabling positive change in the community.

This can come about through engagement and education programs, incentive programs and local planning controls.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 26 May 2021